Everything you will read on this page are just my thoughts and ideas of 20 years of cooling cars that have been modified or changed from original. So if anyone is offended by these words so be it but it is my


I believe that if your going to offer a "direct fit" "direct replacement" "replacement" radiator or whatever name you tag it with it needs to look as close to the original radiator as possible not a radiator that will "just work" in place of the original no matter if it is a Ford, Mopar, Chevrolet or any other manufacture although some companies must not take my stand on this that's why I am offering you this chance to investigate what you are buying but I must tell you this will be a bit jaded. But it's up to you to decide on your own this is just a tool to learn by.

Thank You

Tony Smith

Smiths Radiator

Now here are some examples of radiators from my competitors (yes my own competition) in both cases (above and below) I have a picture of their "universal fit radiator" on the left and their "direct fit or replacement radiator" for a specific body car on the right. Most universal radiators can be bought out of magazines  for about $225 per copy and "direct fit radiators are between $550-650 depending on the application. Now if you look at each picture closely the only difference is 2 small mounting brackets one on either side now that's a lot of money for basically the same radiator about $185 per bracket to be exact  so I guess if you like paying that much for a strip of aluminum 3"x 16" you may not want to read what I have to say anymore.

But if you want to know more then this is the true story. Not only do my competitors products NOT resemble the radiators they are suppose to be replacing they are in some cases short the

cooling that could be possible due to the fact when you place a cross flow radiator in place of a down flow radiator you must shrink the size to make room for the brackets and in one case that I personally figured was 85 square inches less than the original……. So your gaining cooling how?

With a Radiator from Smiths Radiator the core size is within 1/8" of original so you don't lose

optimum cooling you gain it.

Just something to think about!

This is one of our

replacement radiators